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Lot and His Daughters.

c. 1640s

Oil on canvas.

2.305m by 1.83m

The Toledo Museum of Art.

The Painting.

Lot, his wife, and his daughters escaped Sodom, but received God's warning not to turn and gaze on the fire and brimstone that destroyed the doomed city. Lot's wife disobeyed and was turned into a pillar of salt.

His daughters were convinced that the world had come to an end and that all humanity had been wiped out with the destruction of Sodom. They therefore decided to conceive with whom they believed to be the only man left on Earth, Lot. His daughters colluded to get Lot drunk and to trick him into impregnating them.

This painting, once thought to be the work of Neapolitan Bernardo Cavallino, is now attributed to Artemisia, who influenced his style.

The Artist's Life.

Unlike Artemisia's early years of aggressive painting in the style of Caravaggio, her last works became more feminine and graceful both in motif and style. Her letters reveal continued ambivalence toward her role as a woman artist in a male dominated world.

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