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2006: 27 emails

All in all this is a very good painting [Bathsheba] to examine and discuss.

Reason I liked this painting because there was an essential story behind it. Knowing the story made it easier to see what Gentileschi was trying to represent. For example the use of colors and Bathsheba being the central area of the painting, and her lack of clothing. Those types of things wouldn't look major without knowing the story. I would recommend this painting to every art lover.

(A. 10 Nov 2006)

I just wanted to thank you for your site. It was very informative. i have started reading a book about this artist. I don't believe I have heard much about her before and this is sad because I have a B.A and Masters in Art Education and am working on my Masters in Art Therapy. I must say the she brings out the art therapist in me.

(R.L. 10 Aug 2006)

I wanted to say thank you for reminding why I loved this painting... it's beautiful.

(J. 03 Aug 2006)

Glad to see people appreciate your efforts. Her work is so masterful and so touching. You have both enriched my life. Could this make you laugh? I paint, do needlework & basketry, architecture, landscaping etc. Googled Artemisia (Wormwood)! Whole new world and thank you so much.

(T.M. 01 Aug 2006)

Thank you very much for this excellent and very complete pictorial history of her life and works. I am trying to recommend Susan Vreeland's book, The Passion of Artemesia to my new book club for this season, and I believe when they see this tonight, they will all wish to choose this as one of their "reads". It was such a thrill to me to be able to view her fine paintings as I had only seen 3 reproductions before today. Bless you!

(M.W.R. 21 Jul 2006)

Last night I saw a wonderful original play "Artemisia" written and performed by Dell'Arte Theatre Company in Blue Lake, CA. This lead me to a Google search, and your excellent web site. All this reminds me of a very good PBS series on Masterpiece Theatre and available on DVD that your viewers might enjoy: "Painted Lady" starring Helen Mirren. It involves the modern day theft, over-painting and auction of Artemisia's "Judith Slaying Holofernes" (Naples version). An art dealer name Robert Tassi (last name NOT a coincidence) adds to the intrigue.

Thanks for your very informative site.

(M.A. 16 Jul 2006)

Many thanks for a most enjoyable evening browsing through this website. What an amazing artist, I am in awe.

(L.W. 12 Jul 2006)

A very interesting site. I'm giving a lecture on the Sisera - Jael story this coming Saturday and Artemisia's own life story and art gives an interesting window on such a story.

(M.G. 27 Jun 2006)

Hi there just wanted to say that I like your web page. Particularly the way the art and the life events related to it are on the same page next to the work. I am a student teacher and am hoping to teach some 15 year olds about Artemisia. Good Work.

(S-J.C. 06 Jun 2006)

I just want to thank you for all the effort you made in creating this site. I would like to know how many people worked in this project. Thanks again from Mexico city.

(L.A.H. 06 Jun 2006)

[Just one person]

This is just to express my appreciation for the work you have done on this site. I am a college student preparing for an extra credit question comparing Carravagio and Gentileschi. Found the presentation here extremely interesting.

(S. 05 Jun 2006)

That's great pages! Wonderfull! Fantastic study material for my exam of 17th century painting.

(S.H. 19 May 2006)

Amazing! I was not knowing that such a great woman artist was present at that time! It is unthinkable.

It is a great website !

(A.P.B. 12 May 2006)

I'd just like to say how wonderfully informative, inspirational and organised this website is! Congratulations on preserving the memory of one of the greatest woman artists - keep up the good work and many thanks!!

(I.R. 08 May 2006)

After reading a book about Artemisia, I tried Google to view some of her works, and ended up on your website. Congratulations, it's wonderful ! Thank you for the efforts you put in.

(P.VP. 17 Apr 2006)

A wonderful view of this great woman forgotten by history.

(J.G. 12 Apr 2006)

Thank you so much for this website! It has been so helpful to me in doing a project for my Female Heroes in Religion and Art class. I've only had to do a minor powerpoint project, but your website is so organized, informative, and helpful.

I just wanted to let you know that your website has been extremely helpful to me. Thanks so much!

(A.W. 03 Apr 2006)

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive site! The art is beautiful, but it's your history and critiques that make it so amazing. You have worked very hard and it shows. Great job!

(S.J. 01 Apr 2006)

Hello, What a great website!

(S. 01 Apr 2006)

I think that this painting is so awesome. Artemisia must of been so mad when she had painted this picture. That's why she's my best artist in the World. You can see the pain the man was by the expressions on his. She made sure she showed and that's so cool.

(M. 15 Mar 2006)

Great site. Thank you.

(T.L. 13 Mar 2006)

Thank you for your useful website. There is a very interesting novel on Artemisia. The author is Anna Banti, one of the most important (female) authors of Italian literature. She is the wife of the great art historian Pietro Longhi. She wrote "Artemisia" in 1945. It is a hybrid between an historical novel and an autobiography. It has been translated into english. Banti was influenced by the modernist style of Virginia Woolf.

(F. 04 Mar 2006)

Hi, I saw the film a few days ago, and just found your wonderful website. I thought to email my appreciation for your effort in helping me to understand this artist and her work.

(D.M. 08 Feb 2006)

I really like this website, it has helped me learn alot about her. I am getting ready to do a research paper on her. if you have any information or other websites that would be useful i would appreciate it.

(M.F. 04 Feb 2006)

Hi! I am an art historian and love Artemisia. Your site is great, love it!

(A.C.G. 26 Jan 2006)

Great Site, even if it's done so well by a male person!! Thank goodness we have finally gotten to the point that we all can be attributed for WHAT we do, not what gender we are!@!@!@! I do hope I have not offended you because I respect what you have done.

(V.M. 22 Jan 2006)

Thanks for this great website. I realized the Artemisia's existence, last week in the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City. I have never known about a female painter in that age. At first, I felt surprised and I wanted to know more about her work. This website is wonderful, thank you very much!

(L.M.E. 03 Jan 2006)

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