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circa 1630

Oil on canvas

0.97m by 0.715m

Collection of Fondazione Cavallini-Sgarbi, Ferrara.

The Painting.

Ihis painting was, until recent years, ascribed to her comtemporary, Guido Cagnacci. Artemisia and Cagnacci were considered two of the few artists of their time who were "capable of producing female images of a living ardent sensuality without succumbing to facile vulgarity" (Sergio Benedetti).

This picture has not been accurately dated, but probably belongs between her second Roman period and her soujourn in Naples.

I viewed this painting at the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney on 26th January, 2004, when it was part of the Caravaggio Exhibition.

The Artist's Life.

Artemisia lived in Naples from 1630 to 1637. She disliked residing in the most populous city in Southern Europe even though it was a good source of artistic commissions.

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